CAGED [mp3]
(Text: Klose, Musik: Klose, Spoken Words: Michael Hellwig)

1. Strophe
My world looked so much better
Through blinded eyes
Now I am healed, now I can see
Now I can finally judge your image and reality

You broke my wings, you blinded me
You were the curse that bound me here
To stay here, to lie here, never fly here anymore
You were the cage I once called home

2. Strophe
Now strangers come and strangers go
If someone stays I am not sure
By the way it doesn't matter much to me
Now that I'm healed and free I can also see the things that might be.

3. Strophe
I can see those things they are so real
Every face that's looking at me
Makes me travel back and forth in time
And I wish I could close my eyes and turn my face away - for a while



How marvellous it seems to see the world through tinted glasses
Reminiscing in the present, unknown the future, forgetting the past

How ridiculous it seems to see the world through tinted glasses
Floating in the present, destroying the future, denying the past...